Paint Stripping

Bid the crumbling paint farewell with our professional paint removal

Time spares no one and your once lovely wall paint is no exception. So hire our diligent paint removal service and turn things around.

We can also assist you in sanding & varnishing old memorabilia, or in restoring your weathered front door to its former glory. Here’s what we can also do for you:

  • Professional painting & decorating of various domestic and business properties ;
  • Strip paint from wooden doors and wooden, patio, metal, or garden furniture ;
  • Correct various wall defects before applying a brand new coat of paint ;
  • Painting cabinets, windows, skirting boards, and more in your favourite colours ;
  • Brushes, ladders, paint buckets and any other supplies are on us ;
  • We offer appointments for workdays, weekends, and bank holidays .

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