TV Wall Mounting

Get in touch and share what type of TV (Plasma, LCD, HDTV etc.) you own. Confirm the appointment by phone and you'll be in the right hands.

We will securely mount your TV to the wall with either stock or custom (multi-positional, flat-to-wall, tilt & swivel, etc.) wall mounting brackets and hide the cables for you if needed.

Please check prior to your appointment if the TV (and its stand, if you have one) can easily fit inside the desired spot in your room. A few other pre-service requirements can include:

  • Checking if there are enough electrical sockets and if they are within reach;
  • Checking the type of wall where the TV will be mounted on;
  • Ensuring that you have all the accessories you need (cables, brackets etc.);
  • Having somebody else meet the us for you in case you are away.

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