Shelves Installation

We mount shelves & storage units with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

The true skill in hanging and mounting shelves lies in the secure shelf installation regardless of the type of wall.

After all, fitting heavy bookshelves on drywall won’t lead to positive results, so leave the job to us. For your convenience, our shelf installation service comes with a myriad of benefits:

  • Hanging on any wall – all fitters can mount to timber, brick, concrete, tiled walls, and more;
  • Hanging shelves on plasterboard and lath walls – we duly reinforce them to ensure that the shelf will be securely installed;
  • The experts bring all mounting tools – tape measures, combi drills, impact driver (or normal screwdriver), hammer and all else needed for the installation;
  • Hanging various storage units fixed on walls or floor – space-saving shelving units with/without doors or multiple compartments;
  • Hanging all types of shelves and shelf systems of different sizes- floating, alcove shelving, fixed bracket shelving, corner shelves, bookshelves and bookcases, kitchen wall units, replace your old wall storage units with new ones, etc.;
  • No need to be in a rush – you can book on workdays, weekends, and bank holidays;
  • Installing shelves of all brands – IKEA, Argos, Wilko, Habitat, Wayfair, Tylko, etc.;
  • Besides putting up shelves – we help with door fitters, other wall hanging, furniture assembly, fix-ups & more.

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