Blinds & Curtains Fitting

Hanging curtains is certainly not the toughest job on the planet. However, with years of experience on the market, we know how to hang any type of window accessory that will go hand in glove with your home's aesthetic design.

Make sure to have your blinds, curtains and curtain fittings already purchased and delivered at the time of the appointment аs the handyman provides only the fitting and installation.

Besides providing a quality curtain fitting service, the skilled specialists can also help you out with a wide selection of odd jobs, such as hanging pictures and mirrors, mounting shelves, mounting your new TV and many more. Here’s what else you can expect :

  • All the required equipment and tools are provided as part of the service ;
  • Additional materials can be purchased and delivered to your place ;
  • A convenient, flexible and time-saving service ;
  • Detailed, fair pricing policy .

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